Here is a Comprehensive Guide to Greyhound Betting

Greyhound racing is really popular in the United Kingdom and there are many British sports betting fans that really enjoy placing bets on this exciting sport. If you are into your greyhound racing and are wanting to start betting on it, then you definitely need to do yourself a favour and keep reading. Below we will provide you with plenty of valuable information that will help you when betting on this sport.


Tips for Betting on Greyhound Races

You can enter a bookie for the first time, head on over to the greyhound section and place a random bet if you so wish, but we guarantee that if you do this you will just end up losing your stake. When it comes to greyhound betting, you should follow expert advice as this is a sport that you need to study for long periods of time before you truly get to some type of grips with it. Below we provide you with some valuable tips that you need to remember when betting on greyhounds.

It Is Important to Look at Form

We should not have to tell you, even if you are a novice, that a greyhound’s form is evidence as to just how well that dog is doing at the time that you want to bet. You can find many greyhound form websites online, and you should always have a look at some before you bet your hard-earned money on a certain dog. When betting on a greyhound to win, you need to take into consideration the weight of the dog, its age, how long the race is, and the surface that they will be running on.

Bet on Improving dogs

Young dogs quickly improve their form because they are hungry and eager to please their owners. Therefore, you should keep a look out for young dogs that are getting quicker and quicker with each race that they are competing in. These young dogs will often have decent odds and could help bring home the bacon.

Always Look for Value

If you look at other betting tips then you will probably here the word “value” mentioned quite often. We mention it a lot because it is very important. Sometimes, it might not be easy to see who the best greyhounds are, but sportsbooks are pretty skilled when it comes to manipulating sports bettors into placing a bet on a particular dog, when the odds that they offer are not a true reflections of the dog’s chances of winning the race. Therefore, it is often worth your while to ignore high odds and just pick the dog that ticks all the boxes.


Popular Types of Greyhound Bets

The bet types that you can make when betting on greyhound racing are very similar to those you can place when betting on horse racing. If you happen to be new to the world of greyhound betting, then below you can find some of the most popular bets that punters enjoy making on greyhound races.

Win: With this type of bet you are simply choosing one do to win the race.

Place: With a place bet, you give yourself some extra leeway as the dog that you select can come first or second. Since you have better chances of winning, the odds provided will be a bit lower than those offered for a win bet.

Show: With this type of bet, you give yourself even more room for error as the greyhound you choose just has to come in the top three in order for you to win. However, as you have an even better chance of winning, the odds that will be given to you will be lower than those given for a win or place wager.

Trifecta: With this kind of bet you just pick three separate dogs from a race and predict what top 3 order they will finish in. This is a really difficult bet to get right, which can be seen from the odds that you will be given.

Pick 6: You have to pick the winner from six different races and if you manage to get all correct, then you will get a huge payout.

The Competitions to Keep an Eye on

Some of the world’s biggest greyhound races are held in the United Kingdom, and some of the ones that you should definitely keep an eye on include the English Greyhound Derby, the Scottish Greyhound Derby, the East Anglian Cup, and the Select Stakes. When you become an experienced greyhound bettor, these are the type of races that you will want to bet on.