Here Are Eight Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Greyhound

Are you thinking about getting a dog? If you answered yes to this question, then we really recommend that you adopt one. Most people when they get a new dog spend loads of money, but adoption, in our honest opinion, is much better. By taking the adoption route, not only will you be saving a dog from an untimely death (millions are euthanized every year) and gaining a new best friend, but you will also not be financing dog breeders who care about money only. One of the best type of dogs that you can adopt is a greyhound, and below we are going to explain why this is the case.


They Are Very Good Apartment Dogs

Greyhounds are laid back, quiet, and just love to laze about. They will be more than content with lounging about for the time that you are at work, and they will give you a loving welcome when you get home. They also do not need as much exercise as other dogs due to their fast metabolism, but you should ensure that they exercise for at least one hour per day to make sure that they remain mentally and physically healthy.

They Are Affectionate and Gentle

Greyhounds are very affectionate and gentle dogs, so when you feel down or lonely you will be able to count on your greyhound friend to perk you up with their love. They seem to be able to sense when their human friends are feeling down in the dumps and they will then make an effort to show some love. In addition to this, they will often extend their friendliness to complete strangers, so you do not have to think about shutting them up in a different room when you have friends over for dinner.

They Love Joining in with Your Activities

Greyhounds really enjoy going on adventures with their human friends. Whether you are going hiking, jogging, or exploring, your doggy friend will want to come along and keep you company. Their polite and gentle nature is what makes them fantastic travel buddies. If you opt to adopt a greyhound using a rescue organization, then they will do their best to find a greyhound for you that matches your lifestyle.

They Are Really Good Family Pets

Due to the fact that they have a really gentle nature, greyhounds make really good family pets. With some breeds of dogs, you should never leave a young child alone with them, but you do not have to worry about this with greyhounds as they will never think about attacking a child.

Grooming Them is Really Easy

With some breeds of dogs, you are fighting a losing battle when grooming them. but this is not the case with greyhounds. Their short fur makes it really easy to groom them and they only need a bath once a week. They do not lose a lot of hair either, so you will not have to spend all your free time sweeping up dog hair.


They Live for a Long Time

When you compare greyhounds with other dog breeds of a similar size, they have a much longer life expectancy - on average, a greyhound can live between 10-13 years. They also do not have any major health issues, so you will not have to take expensive trips to the vet all the time.

They Are Quiet

If you have an apartment, then the last thing you want is a noisy dog that barks all the time. This will not only get on your nerves, but you will have the neighbours knocking on your door before too long asking you to keep your dog quiet or they are going to call the authorities. Thankfully, you will never have such an issue if you get a greyhound because they do not bark that often.

They Are Brilliant First Dogs

Getting your first dog is quite an overwhelming experience, but you can make things much easier by choosing a breed that is laid back such as a greyhound. They do not require any maintenance and can adapt to any home environment that they are put in. When you adopt a greyhound, you will gain a lifelong friend.